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MJT Token is the first ever cannabis token to be backed by the Project’s own cannabis
production. The token sale will start shortly!

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About Us

Majato Project is the blockchain-based project with the thoroughly calculated goals of creating and evolving two interrelated elements: the actual production and distribution of cannabis products in countries and jurisdictions where such activities are legal, and the interactive blockchain platform uniting the legal cannabis market participants. It will establish a uniform high standard of product quality and introduce the conscious and “civilized” consumption principles among cannabis consumers.

The use of blockchain as the core technology will make all stages of production, distribution and even consumption of cannabis products completely transparent and clear for all market participants.

Production of high-quality cannabis

The Project is about real production of high-quality cannabis to be provided to owners of the MJT Token. Own production ensures that the actual product will still be available via the Majato ecosystem despite any changes in the market.

Introduction of the uniform product quality standard

We plan to introduce the industry quality standard for the cannabis products and will support it with independent lab tests done by professional cannabis testing laboratories.

Unrivaled production and distribution transparency

Implementation of the blockchain technology will allow each MJT Token owner – and each market participant registered with the Majato Platform - to have unrestricted access to all product information in the seed-to-sale format.

Autonomous ecosystem for the industry

We introduce to you the unique informational and technological ecosystem – the Majato Platform - that unifies all stages of cannabis production and distribution, enables access to all market participants, and lifts the existing payment barriers, all thanks to the blockchain technology and the MJT Token. Now, you can buy cannabis with Bitcoin. To buy bitcoin you need to choose a reliable broker platform. Visit https://www.economywatch.com/uk/cryptocurrency/buy-bitcoin to know the affordable platforms to buy bitcoin.

The Majato Project is the pinnacle combination of the two most currently important commercial and IT trends: the legal production and distribution of cannabis and the use of the blockchain technology in all stages of cannabis production and distribution.
The first and main goal of the Project: create the actual, fully legal business of full-cycle, seed-to-sale cannabis production and distribution in countries and jurisdictions where such activities are legal.
Implementation of blockchain as the underlying technology for the Project helps achieving the second goal: create a global, decentralized, blockchain-based platform for bringing together all participants of the cannabis industry - independent growers, scientific and research laboratories, consumers to name a few.
The intended result of the Project is the actual production of the cannabis with its distribution to owners of the Project’s digital settlement instrument (the MJT Tokens) and creation of a smart contracts-based ecosystem that is fully legal, secure, easily accessible by all market participants and backed by the real and material cannabis product.

Core Technology

The Project is based on blockchain as the only viable technology solution for its implementation. What it provides in the terms of the Project is security and transparency of transactions; creation and use of the MJT Token as a settlement instrument; recording of all production steps and stages for the strict quality control; and use of reliable smart contracts for all transactions and actions on the trading Platform, just to name a few.

Blockchain as Project’s Core Technology

The transparency and tokenization of payments provided by blockchain will allow the industry to literally weed out its bad seeds in terms of at least the product quality and customer service, and finally resolve the cashless payments problem. Once the Project expands, blockchain as the underlying technology will allow unprecedented transparency and security of the global cannabis market, where any participant will be able to track any product or transaction in the seed-to-sale format and make Bitcoin profit.

Unified Cannabis Market Ecosystem

The Majato Platform will be a unified, legal, transparent and secure ecosystem allowing significant streamlining of sales in the industry and simplifying transactions for products. All industry participants – be it growers, laboratories, auditors or consumers – can join the Platform and the Majato community with their products or services.

MJT Token as Cashless Settlement Instrument

Blockhain-based MJT Token is the key to resolving the critical industry problem – that of the cashless payments for cannabis and general lack of security of the cannabis-related transactions. The MJT Token is not a bank card, thus no financial restrictions apply to it – meaning its owners will be able use it wherever cannabis is legal and the Project is present as a settlement instrument for purchasing cannabis.

Seed-To-Sale: Track Your Buds

Blockchain allows full and unrestricted control of the cannabis product history – from the seed (including its origins) to production (including quality control) to processing to packing to delivery to a particular POS to the actual sale to the customer – in the process creating the product history that cannot be forged or tampered with.

Project Team

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Over 16 years business and legal experience.

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Ivan Panov
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Over 30 years business experience.

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Sergey Shchevev, MBA
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Over 17 years business experience.

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Sergey Sitnikov, Ph.D.
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Over 14 years business and legal experience.

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Mike Tretyak
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Over 30 years of business experience.

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Ulrich Winckler
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Mathias J. Wunderer
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Over 17 years of programming experience.

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Sergey Zverev

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As any community-focused project, we value every member of our community and are willing to reward those who help the Project grow.

If you want to help us with stuff like SMM, translation to foreign languaages (like Korean, Portuguese, etc.), lead a local community (e.g., on Reddit), make promos or ads etc., send us a word and we will be happy to reward your time and efforts with MJT Tokens!